Here at PrimeSpeed we are honoured to be working along side JUST ONE TREE. For every purchase you make we donate and plant a tree on your behalf. We can and we will save our plant one tree at a time. Lets beat global warming together.

To prevent the worst impacts of climate change it is vital we dramatically restrict our carbon emissions. However, latest climate science tells us this alone is not enough. To stop our planet exceeding 1.5-2 degrees of global heating we need to reach net-negative emissions. This means removing and storing more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than we are putting into it.

JUST ONE Tree is a non-profit community interest company removing CO2 from the atmosphere and reversing biodiversity loss through global reforestation.

We provide a platform for individuals, schools and businesses to take collective action on rising global temperatures.

Now more than ever it is imperative we give back to our environment.


Theses are the countries we support are Mdagascar, kenya, Haita, Mozambique. Indonesia, Nepal, Zambia, The Oceans.

We focus on restoring the entire eco-system and for us, reforestation doesn't just begin and end on land.

Through groundbreaking kelp forest regeneration in the Philippines and off the coast of Australia, were addressing the issues our oceans are facing, such as ocean acidification, rising sea temperatures and marine biodiversity loss.

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